Here are a few observations I made while packing and moving from the house we lived in for 25 years.

You have more stuff than you can possibly imagine.
Touching all that stuff all makes you really tired.
Buy LOTS of boxes. LOTS of small boxes. Once you fill a medium size box or bigger, you will most likely not be able to pick it up. (U-Haul has good prices and lets you return the ones you don’t use if you keep the receipt.)
Buy the more expensive packing tape.
You have permission to have pizza delivered several nights in a row.
Once you get more than half way through packing you will go back to the first room you packed and find boxes of stuff to throw away wondering why you packed it in the first place.
When you get toward the end of packing the house you will find it easier to throw stuff away than pack it.
Half the stuff on your house can go to the dump, be sold or be donated.
Having friends with a pickup truck you can borrow is heaven! Otherwise, a dumpster in the driveway works.
The dump (transfer station) down by SeaTac is open 24/7 Monday through Thursday. Do not drive down on Saturday at 8:30 at night to make a dump run – they are closed.
The people at Goodwill don’t think your stuff is nearly as interesting as you do.
You will cry. Several times.
The cable company will turn off your cable on the wrong day. It will always be before you scheduled to have it turned off. Reading the obituaries while on hold with them to get it turned back on puts that problem in perspective.
Your friends will gladly volunteer to come and help you throw your stuff away. Throwing other people’s stuff away is way more fun than your own.
You will laugh. Hysterically.
After you’ve almost completely packed a room when you go back you will fill up another 6 garbage bags and some boxes.
Movers move fast! Be ready!
Your kids don’t want your stuff. Or if they do, make them come and get it.
Pack your closet while you’re standing in your underwear. It makes it easier to try on (and give away) those pants you were planning on dieting into.
While you are carrying a very heavy box the dog will find it essential to lie down in the middle of the hall in front of you.
Your spouse will have a business trip for at least one of the weeks you’d planned to be packing together.
When you unpack at the new house, you will throw more stuff away. wondering why you’d packed on it in the first place.
You have more stuff than you can possibly imagine.

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